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Free 60-Page Guide to HyperV High Availability

To reduce the possibility of organizations losing critical virtualized machines, it really is becoming imperative to implement High Availability.

This High Availability Solutions Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V introduces different options to implement HA for Hyper-V environments, and provides recommendations and best practices for configuring your Hyper-V HA environments.

With over sixty pages of information, implementation options, and configuration strategies, you can't afford to be without it!
Free 60-Page Guide to HyperV High Availability

Three key drivers have led to the rapid growth of Macs in the enterprise, and will continue to push growth moving forward.

Even though you may not support Macs now, it is becoming a wise investment to provide centralized systems management for the platform.

This free Mac handbook demonstrates how you can:

  • Overcome Mac Systems Management Challenges
  • Implement Mac Systems Management Best Practices
  • Prepare for Future Mac Purchases

Moving Macs into the Enterprise: Your How-To Handbook

VMs Are Not Free - The IT Administrator's Myth-Busting Guide
With increased IT efficiencies, the ease of adding new virtual machines, and the fact that departments no longer need to purchase their own physical servers, there is a perception outside of IT that virtualization does not cost anything and adding new virtual machines is free.

But, adding a new virtual machine is not free.


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