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Desktop Authority Password Self-Service

Desktop Authority Password Self-Service is a powerful, flexible and easy to use automated password reset tool that gives end users the means to reset forgotten passwords without having to call the help desk. Lost or forgotten passwords are the single biggest source of help desk calls.

Desktop Authority Password Self-Service is an industry leading solution that offers many unique features:

  • Complete Flexibility: Administrators define the questions used and the number of questions users must answer to reset their passwords. Question and answer policies can be defined for specific groups so high security areas need to answer more questions to reset their passwords, for example.
  • Seamless Windows Integration: Seamlessly adds a "Forgot my password" button to the login screens for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, so users don't need to use a co-workers computer, or a kiosk to reset a password.
  • Flexible Password Policies: DA Password Self-Service extends Active Directory password policies by letting administrators set password policies at the OU or group level, rather than the domain level enforced by AD.
  • Strong data security: Communication with DA Password Self-Service can be encrypted, and all data can be stored using a variety of encryption formats.
  • Centralized Reporting: See who is resetting their passwords, and how the product is being used through centralized reporting.

Desktop Authority Password Self-Service is sold based on the number of active accounts in their Active Directory. A fully-functional 30 day evaluation license is included in the demo download.

Desktop Authority Password Self-Service is available at -


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