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Going 2.0: How to Select & Implement the Right Web Technologies

The right Enterprise 2.0 technologies can mean the difference between you and your competitors. But how do you know which of the many new web technologies are right for you, and how can you make sure they are
effectively integrated into your business processes?

Attend this free webinar to find out! Book your spot on November 18th at 2pm ET now to learn:

  • How to develop your own Enterprise 2.0 strategy and action plan
  • How to identify key risks and benefits, how to establish governance
  • and policies
  • Making it happen: building a business case, getting buy-in, setting
  • up pilots, and user adoption
  • How to build a culture of collaboration and innovation

Click here to register for this free webinar now!

Can You Afford Email Downtime? Free Email Uptime Webcast
With email established as a key business communication medium, your company can't afford to find out the answer to that question. Unplanned email outages or even routine maintenance can cause a huge disruption to
your business. When email goes down, you don't just lose email. An outage can result in:

  • Lost revenue
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Damaged relations with customers, partners, suppliers
  • Irretrievable data and group work

Watch this free on-demand webcast and learn more about the effects of unplanned downtime, and how you can prevent email outages on your network.
Click here to RapidRequest this free webcast.

Protect All of Your VMware Data: How to Backup 16 Streams per ESX Host
Keeping your VMware data secure is challenging, but what if you could use the virtual infrastructure to backup and restore itself?

Download this free trial copy of esXpress, a scalable, enterprise class virtual backup software, and see how you can get:

  • Multi-user Instant File Level Restore
  • Unlimited Sockets/Cores per Host
  • Up to 16 Backup Streams per ESX Host
  • and more!

Click here to RapidRequest moreinformation and get your free trial now!

Get Enterprise-Grade Job Scheduling Software
You don't run hundreds of jobs each day -- but the processes you do run are absolutely critical to your organization. So what can you do when you can't rely on Windows Task Scheduler or SQL Server Agent, but don't want to shell out thousands of dollars for enterprise-grade software?

JAMS Lite is your solution! Get the industrial strength job scheduling functions you need, for up to 50 batch processes a day -- without the enterprise-grade price tag.

Click here to RapidRequest this exclusive offer and get JAMS Lite for just $995 now!

The Web App Latency Showdown: Citrix Vs F5 - Who Comes Out on Top?
Excessive latency and slower application performance can jeopardize time-sensitive transactions and seriously impact your company's bottom line.

In this report, you'll find out how Citrix® NetScaler® with nCore compared to F5 BIG IP out of the box on important metrics including:

  • Latency
  • Web traffic speed
  • User Experience under heavy lodes and high connection counts
  • CPU utilization
  • Throughput
  • and more!


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