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Joining Domain Network

Joining Domain Network.
01. Please connect the computer to the LAN.
02. Login as local administrator
03. On workstation desktop, select My Computer, right click and select Properties.
04. On System Properties, click the Computer Name tab.
05. On Computer Name tab, click Change in "To rename this computer or join a domain" and enter the domain membership e.g. KINGNET . You need the domain administrator and password to join in a domain.
06. A reboot will be necessary to complete this process.

Login to the domain network.
07. Login using network account e.g. username and password. The username profile should have login.bat in the Active Directory profile.
08. Check if the login.bat execute correctly.

Additional tasks for new workstation.
a. Click on Start, Control Panel.
b. In Control Panel, double click on "Automatic Updates"
c. In Automatic Updates, select Automatic (recommended), set to every day at 5pm. This will run the update every day at 5pm.
d. click OK to update.

Install all security and patches to keep the software current.

Optional but useful tool to install Microsoft Security Essential.
e. Visit
f. Download and install Microsoft Security Essential.
g. Follow the procedure and accept installation by default.


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