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GeoTrust updating Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA)

Cyber SecurityThis is a follow-up article that I post last week about the Installation of GeoTrust SSL Digital Certificate. After the renewal and successfully installed of digital certificate to one of our web server I thought everything is working just fine. Just like other system administrator, I've used Microsoft Internet Explorer ver7.0, 8.0 and Chrome to test the new SSL digital certificate installation. All returned no error when I browsed the website as an example.

Then I received emails from other users that connection to the server is untrusted. So I start troubleshooting the issue, and I found out GeoTrust renewed their Intermediate Certificate Authority and additional action is required to fix the issue. Note. You will only see the error if you are using Windows Vista with IE 7.0 or Firefox 3.4.6.

So here's the procedure to update the GeoTrust Intermediate Certificate Authority. Go to your web server and follow this instructions.

  1. Visit website, click the Support page.
  2. In Knowledge Center Search, type ar1422, click Search
  3. Complete the two steps on your web server. For this example, we are using Microsoft IIS.
  4. Right click link and save on Download the PKCS#7 CA link, save to your local temp file.
  5. Then proceed to step two, click the For IIS to see the detailed procedures. In here, you need to complete step 2 and 3 to update the Intermediate Certificate Authority
  6. Restart the server or restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  7. Now check your website again, the error is gone.
I hope this help you resolve your GeoTrust "This Connection is Untrusted" web error.


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