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HOWTO Change the Outlook default Address List?

The Microsoft Outlook is default to show the Global Address List for contacts. The Global Address Lists is compose of all email address contacts e.g. users email address, company past and present consultants, partners, and vendors.

Using Global Address List is the standard and acceptable configuration for Outlook, though you can change this setting.

Here's how to change the "show address list first".
  • In Outlook program, click on Tools, then Address Books.
  • In Address Book, click ToolsOptions.
  • In Addressing, change the setting in "Show this address list first" from Global Address List to All Users.
  • Click OK to complete.
Short cut: Click Tools | Address BookTools | Options, Show this address list first.

Every time you compose a new message, your default contact selection is "All Users". You can still see the Global Address List from the Address Book selection.

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